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    Weird headset fitment older Cervelo

    Cervelo's response was the following: "These bearings look a bit tall, Bearings can be available in different heights, cane creek specifically. The bike was spec'd with an FSA headset, whose bearings are not sold with height as a third dimensional option. Aesthetically these gaps are not...
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    Weird headset fitment older Cervelo

    Looks like just the (slightly rusted) crown race to me. Bearing definitely seems to be sitting high to me. Guess it would be worth trying a cc crown race?
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    Weird headset fitment older Cervelo

    You know, I bet you're right. There is a fair chance that the bearing is sitting on part of the original bearing or the race needs to be replaced with a cc item. Very helpful suggestions, thank you. I have a pretty wide assortment of bearing pullers so bet that I could modify one if necessary...
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    Weird headset fitment older Cervelo

    Just recently replaced the headset bearings on my 2008 Cervelo RS with an EC90 fork. According to Cervelo, "The RS uses 1-1/8" integrated bearings with 36 x 45 degree races as both upper and lower bearings". I purchased replacement Cane Creek bearings...
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    Truing Stands

    Never imagined that truing stands would be such a contentious issue. Picked up a Park TS-8 from ThatmanMANNY and was able to get my road wheel back into shape. I can see where the TS-2 would offer some advantages, but at least for now I think this is going to work out well. Building a new...
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    Truing Stands

    Feels like the time has come to pick up a truing stand. Need to replace wheels on the DH bike and would like to try building my own and also have a road wheel that's a bit out of true. Any recommendations between the feedback stand and the Park stand? Obviously a significant cost difference. I'm...
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    POC Bone Arm Pads Large/Extra Large - $20

    Bump for the new dh season.
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    POC Spine VPD Tee Medium - $40

    Bump for the new dh season.
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    POC VPD Bone Leg Pads Large/XL - $10

    Bump for the new dh season.
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    Park MLP-1 Free

    Sounds good.
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    Park MLP-1 Free

    These are the original MLP-1 that can be used to break the master link. Offered up free. I'm close to Dickerson Mine Preserve in Randolph.
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    XTR RD-M986-GS Med Cage Lower Cage $10

    This is just the lower cage pieces of a 10 speed XTR rear derailleur. Never used. I used the rest of the derailleur to make an XTR short cage for my DH bike. $10. Located in Randolph near Dickerson Mine.
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    2016 Fox 40 Performance Elite FIT4 Damper 27.5

    Bump for the start of DH season.
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    Couple of XC stems (SOLD)

    In Randolph near Dickerson mine. Shipping no problem.
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    Scott Gambler owners: what chainguide

    Realize this is way late, but I'm using the E13 LG1 that it came with. I did replace the lower roller after a couple of seasons, but otherwise no issues.