Are most trails closed to bikers?

Most hikers don't know what's allowed and what isn't. I had a guy at 6 mile try to tell me bikes aren't allowed.

This is why I prefer Ringwood. Parking at Ramapo is always a pain and there's more people in the way. Plus the people in Ringwood seem much more willing to share the outdoors.


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I went to the season opening of the Long Pond Ironworks Saturday. I hiked the Highland Trail, which is off limits to everything except feet.
I gave a $5 donation and joined their club. I then said that Ringwood State park ( which Long Pond is part of) states that the Hasencleaver trail is a multi use trail, for bicycles and hikers. The gentleman said yes it is. I said that trail starts at the bridge in the Iron Works and goes to Ringwood Manor.
So I can access that trail by riding into the Iron Works and going over the bridge to the trail head. The woman worker there said "bicycles aren't allowed in the Iron Works". I said "but that is the trail head". Me and the gentleman said "it's a multi use trail". The woman (boss?) said "it is?, that's good to know".
She then said " well, I guess it's OK to ride in and across the bridge to the trail head". Now, if I do that I've gotta convince any ranger it's OK too.
Nobody in charge knows nottin" anymore!