Beginners group ride


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Oh I agree - FUN

I think my assessment was spot on

I just wish there was another hour plus in it - am I right ?

Bit of a hike for me - but I’ll meet you lemme know
Last time I was there I think me and @qclabrat did 3 loops and had a great time... altho the 3rd loop did started to feel bit repetitive. Nonetheless fun was had. However, its a bit too far from me and prolly not a park I would visit on a regular basis. Maybe a few times a year.


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HM seems to be a real challenge- watching videos & reading comments.
Yes, HM is not easy. I have been riding HM for the better part of 3 years now and it still beats me up pretty good. Good mix of climbs and tech where you need to pay to play. After a good climb, it will reward you with a nice downhill. It will challenge you to stay on the saddle but if you pick the right lines and mentally take it slow and easy, you should be fine. Absolutely no shame to hike a bike here.... I do it all the time. As mentioned, prolly not a beginner park but will be ridden at a beginner pace.


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This Fall I'd like to give fight club a chance. PM me if you are nearby and looking for a weekday ride after dinner.
PM only please, even if you need a definition of the term. Beginner pace as always
Hit Mercer Cty today - beautiful park / layout / facilities.
Took my 10 year old
Went down to Marina and right hit the trails - beginner level for sure , spent 1 1/2 or so ...
I liked it - I’d go back but only with a group - need someone who really knows the path.
We cut off onto some side routes and something tells me I missed a chunk of trail ...
If there’s a group that goes out here - i’d make the trip again.
Nice ride


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Folks I'm going to put some dates down so I ride more than once every two weeks. LMK if anyone's interested. If Saturday falls through, @C8N is usually down for HM on Sunday and me at CR.

Oct 14- Tourne
Oct 21- Chimney Rock (MTBNJ led?)
Oct 28- Deer Park
Nov 4- Round Valley
Nov 11- Wildcat
Nov 18- Sourlands
Nov 25- Mahlon Dickerson
Dec 2- Six Mile
Dec 9- Allamuchy
Dec 16- Nassau
Dec 23- Lewis Morris
Dec 30- Ringwood (graduation day)


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@C8N I'm planning to go, otherwise I'll end up drinking too many beers tonight.
If I wake up and it looks like crap (6am) we'll call if off

what time do you have the leave the park? I can try for 7am, but isn't sunrise now about 7:10


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Team MTBNJ Halter's
never been to Tourne so, guessing the the East side lot off McCaffrey?
Make sure you guys enter from Boulevard/Powerville Rd on the Boonton side. There is a parking lot on the Denville side if you enter from Norris Rd, but you can't drive through the park on McCaffrey Ln. They have it blocked off.