Crystal Lake, Bordentown/Mansfield NJ

my home ride isnt on this site. Nice trails, a couple of steep drops/ climbs. Not a long ride but if youre close by and dont have a lot of time its a great ride

havent seen a guy with hockey mask, so its safe

That's my local loop... been riding there before it was owned by the county. It's a fun little place - unfortunately / fortunately the place was completely updated to make it a legit park for horses and hikers. The bridges were much needed... Which means lots of people traffic.

The days of ripping through there and being the only one are over.
i work over nights so my 1 pm rides I have the place to myself but i have been in there on a saturday at noon and it is packed. Do you ride Rancocas as well? im in there 3 times a week, great park
yeah, that was me in burlington so if its not crystal lake its rancocas for the quicky. you can put 8 miles in at Rancocas without repeating a trail