Diablo and Mount Snow (Spylab Advice)

Not for nothing, I think it would be silly to enter in a race given that you have no downhill experience whatsoever. The course is much different from anything you can experience at a state park in NJ, and this upcoming race uses a route which is tricky for advanced riders even (Epitaph to Stalker to Crap Chute). If I were you, I would take at least a couple non-race days to rent a DH bike and explore the mountain on your own terms, to get a feel not only for a 40+ pound long travel bike, but for the steep, technical terrain that makes Diablo famous. No sense spending the extra money to enter the race, when you could find yourself in over your head right from the start gate. The added mental weight of trying to ride against the clock could be disastrous if you are not 100% confident in what you are doing. I have seen plenty of helivacs and some major broken bones at Diablo race events...this is not something to take lightly.

However, to answer your comments directly, though:

- A XC will NOT cut it on this race course. Stalker is a continuous rock garden where the best path is to plow straight over everything. A XC bike will get hung up through the entire section.

- The Intro course is usually the same as Pro. When drops/technical features are incorporated in the course (past courses have used Road to Nowhere, Phantom Drop, Dom's Denial etc.), Intro riders are offered the option of taking the go-around, whereas Pro riders are required to navigate all drops.
yea, i was kinda thinking that, and i think i might just pass on the downhill race and go there that day to spectate and practice for the indy cross race on sunday, i dont think i'm going to have a problem in indy cross, (as far as my bike holding up), since there's not much rocks.


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Diablo 05/31

Fun day yesterday. We had a crew of 12 and much fun was had by all. Good to be back up there, first time this year for me. Thanks Matt for being the injured designated griller! Flipping burgers or flipping over the bars, I guess it's all the same for you!!:D


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^^ Notice you posted at 420, like nobody knows what that means. FWIW adderall is people with soft heads. But you took it like a champ, si I bow out!!


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09/06 Diablo

Yesterday was a blast. Rode with about a dozen guys from the shop and friends. Conditions are rutted and dry as one would expect with this summer, but the fun had was off the charts. Looking forward to a few more missions this fall with the cooler and hopefully wetter weather.