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    Give the people what they want! :)

    Please consider coming out to this meeting on Tuesday to support an opportunity for more multi-use trails and a possible pump track in Montgomery twp. They want to hear from cyclists. You cant turn down this type of opportunity!!!

    Lets be heard.

    "Montgomery Township is hosting a joint meeting of the Recreation Committee and Open Space Committee on Tuesday October 10 at 7:00pm in the Courtroom of the Municipal Building to discuss the update to the Recreation and Open Space Master Plan.

    We’re seeking input from various groups (e.g. Scouts, walkers/runners) on how they currently use our parks, pathways and open space properties, and ways they would like to use these local resources. We’d love input from the cycling community, and to hear about your idea for the pump track, and also if we could utilize one of properties as cycling destination similar to 6 mile run in Franklin. I’m not sure if you’ve had a chance to look at the pathways at Cherry Brook Preserve and whether or not they might be suitable. We’re getting ready to close on a property on Spring Hill Road that might be a possibility.

    Please attend if you’re available, and invite other cyclists. Feel free to pass this along to any member of the public who might be interested to attend."

    See you there!

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  3. jdog

    jdog Shop: Halter's Cycles Shop Keep

    I’ve already submitted my concept for trails in this property.

    Moar trails = more fun.
  4. rick81721

    rick81721 Well-Known Member

    Hey this is great, I don't know crapola about pump tracks, but will def be there
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  5. ScottZ

    ScottZ New Member

    Montgomery NJ
    Nice in town! I should be there.
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  6. clarkenstein

    clarkenstein JORBA Money Launderer JORBA.ORG

    this is when my job blows - won't be able to make it. i'll send someone a picture of me - someone print it out and make a cardboard sign with my face on it? k thanks.
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  7. J-Dro

    J-Dro JORBA: Sourlands JORBA.ORG

    Montgomery Twp
    Anxious to hear how this meeting goes. I'm away on vacation this week so I won't be able to attend. But clearly there is a need for beginner/intermediate trails in the area. And a pump track? Hell yeah.
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  8. fidodie

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    i can show up and tell them how i tore a tendon in my thumb? guess i should take that brace off.....
    i'll see what i can do - i'd have to forego another meeting that the high school wants me at..
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    Perhaps it's too early in the game for a cardboard cutout Clarkenstein? Maybe next meeting!? :D
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    Thanks to everyone for coming out last night to show their support. Our input was received very well.
    @jdog spoke to the strength of our multi-use inclusive community, the effectiveness of our volunteer efforts, our expertise and experience.
    The open space committee seems very open to investigate trail building in various open space properties.
    I spoke to quite a few people last night that had a positive view of JORBA and the work that we do. Thank you all for spreading the word and doing what you can to help the cause.
    More work will need to be done to promote the pump track idea but they seem to have an ideal site for it.
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  11. rick81721

    rick81721 Well-Known Member

    You forgot to mention we found @clarkenstein 's long-lost twin!

    I'm going to hike around that property off spring hill road - that could be a fun little loop
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  12. kidzach

    kidzach Active Member

    Good to hear. Keep us posted on when you need to show numbers. I'll make a trip down and visit family in the process.

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