Ramapo Mountain Conditions

Seems like there is a few different threads that have updates but they seem old etc, figured maybe we can clean up the forum a bit and just keep 1 official conditions update thread ( Hopefully mods don't mind )

UPDATE : 11/8/2011

Trails seem a lot better, lots of fallen loose branches and leafs still so watch your spokes ! lol

YELLOW: Coming from the Main Parking Lot on Skyland drive there is a blockage on the trail where it starts to descend in the rocky part, gonna need a few people to clear it up or a chainsaw.

CANNONBALL: Heading south on this trail next to the lake going towards Indian Rock there is a downed tree that needs to be cut .

INDIAN ROCK: Coming off of Cannoball there is a good amount of downed trees that need to be cut .

ORANGE : coming off Indian Rock and starting Orange trail there is some small trees but also a good sized tree that needs to be cut as well .

Besides the downed tress , the trails are rideable and the grounds are in good standing. Great day today !
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Went out today 11/15 for a quick run down Yellow trail from main ent on skyline dr , seems like everything has been cleared up !! To whomever it was thank you ! Had to cut it short as i went OTBs and taco'd a front wheel today lol .:hmmm:
12/10 : Took a spin today to fine tune my fork , weather was good , a bit chilly tho . Trails looked good , some wet spots of course . Parked up at the main lot on Skyline Dr as usual. Took yellow all the way down , and took a left onto blue to head out to the parking lot .

Whoever was out there on their Intense bike , whats up!! That was me sitting down taking a little break .

There is a fallen tree that needs to be cut on yellow trail about half way .

And after coming up this trail on yellow there is a section where it splits into 2 , you can either go to the left or to the right . The left side is need of some trail cleanup and freshen it up a bit. I am willing to put some work into this spot as i ride here very often . Seems like everyone picks the right side to ride rather then hitting this on the left side and coming down..

Went out again today 12/13 . Great weather, conditions are a bit slick . Be careful with some of the streams as they have froze over in some areas of the rocks and paths . Lots of leafs everyone and wet underneath so be careful as well .
12/22 - Conditions were ok, little wet still on some of the rocks, muddy in the usual areas here and there . Damp grounds and watch for the leafs.

Just be careful with the down thick branches , had one some how get inside my rear wheel throwing me off the bike going down Cannonball today :eek: .

Managed to find the DH section :D wow its pretty rocky and steep in certain sections . Going to try and clear it next time .
Took a ride on 1/14 ... Everything seems fine except for some downed trees on the lower part of Cannonball closer to rt 287 . They are pretty big , need a chainsaw . There is 2
Rode last night with Soundz. Below 287 by the soccer field was swampy and muddy. North of the 287 bridge things firmed up nice. Good ride.
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El Z, it is the weirdest shit. The one sign with Rye Cliff rd is right at the dam where the pavement comes down from TOS at Ramapo Lake. The other sign is way the hell out at the back end of the lake, where you head up towards the 287 look out. That one has Pool Hollow Tail. No where near Pool Hollow Rd though. They just appeared recently.


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Did a ten mile loop after the storm and counted 22 trees down at Ramapo. :( I didn't go on orange so there could be tons more. Should I start looking into getting chainsaw certified? It's going to take an army to clear it all.