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Hey, Jim. I'm going to be up in your area tomorrow. Are you interested in riding Lewis Morris? Thanks. Alastair
Thanks for the Mayhem photos! I was in the 11a.m. race, and you did terrific! The weather certainly made everything that much better!
Pass it along: Announcing the arrival of JORBA's new muddy trails pamphlet "Don't Be A Mudder!"
The pamphlet delivers awareness and education in an accessible package. It's available in a printer-friendly version right here right now and on very soon. A tri-fold version is anticipated to be arriving at a bike shop near you in the coming weeks. Get the word out!
Cant Somerset Rangers and JORBA (volunteers) work to stop and even educate riders and hikers to stay off trails when they are too wet? Close off tails with yellow tape and set up a table, hand out some do's and dont's flyers and talk to the offenders. Tell them how to check if trails are open or closed. Never saw 6 mile or The Rock so destroyed in 20 years as they are now.
Wharton 40, need a date. Jan. 19 or 26, or Feb. 2 or 9. If you are still interested.
Shall I compare thee to a winter’s day?
Thou art more grungy and more frigid:
Rough winds do quake the snarling muds of waway,
And winter’s grasp is all too longeth wicked;